Well, I went to the GI doctor.......

From: Valerie Gates (ibuymed@AOL.COM)
Wed Jul 17 08:26:18 2002

Well, I summoned up all my courage and went to see the Gastroenterologist. He was a very nice guy and I think things went pretty well, all things considered. I told my whole story and he didn't seem to think I was a complete freak!!! :) He thinks my current problem is more irritable bowel syndrome than adhesion problems. He's putting me on Amitriptyline at night so maybe I won't get the shakes at night so badly....and he wants me to take Bentyl on days when I'm feeling really bad. He's scheduling a CT scan of the abdomen and an Upper GI X-ray. The questions I have are whether or not the CT will show strictures or possible bowel obstruction. He said that the results of the CT will determine whether he wants me on a low fiber diet or on a high fiber diet. He suggested I stick with the high fiber diet I'm on for the present. After we were done talking, I thanked him for his advice and told him that my major goal was to stay out of the Surgeon's office. He told me that I was probably dreaming and that he expected me to need surgery again for my adhesions within the year. But....I'm certainly not planning on visiting one ANY time in the near future!!!

Thanks for all your support and friendship!!! You guys really helped me be brave and get through yesterday!!! I bragged you up to everyone I talked to!!!



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