Re: Well, I went to the GI doctor.......

From: clare (
Wed Jul 17 18:10:21 2002

Dear Val:

I'm so glad that things went well, and I hope that the meds bring you comfort.

In friendship,


At Wed, 17 Jul 2002, Valerie Gates wrote: > >Well, I summoned up all my courage and went to see the >Gastroenterologist. He was a very nice guy and I think things went >pretty well, all things considered. I told my whole story and he didn't >seem to think I was a complete freak!!! :) He thinks my current problem >is more irritable bowel syndrome than adhesion problems. He's putting >me on Amitriptyline at night so maybe I won't get the shakes at night so >badly....and he wants me to take Bentyl on days when I'm feeling really >bad. He's scheduling a CT scan of the abdomen and an Upper GI X-ray. >The questions I have are whether or not the CT will show strictures or >possible bowel obstruction. He said that the results of the CT will >determine whether he wants me on a low fiber diet or on a high fiber >diet. He suggested I stick with the high fiber diet I'm on for the >present. After we were done talking, I thanked him for his advice and >told him that my major goal was to stay out of the Surgeon's office. He >told me that I was probably dreaming and that he expected me to need >surgery again for my adhesions within the year. But....I'm certainly >not planning on visiting one ANY time in the near future!!! > >Thanks for all your support and friendship!!! You guys really helped me >be brave and get through yesterday!!! I bragged you up to everyone I >talked to!!! > >Have a WONDERFUL.....COMFORTABLE Day!!! > >Val

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