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Tue Jul 16 09:11:48 2002

Hi Scott! ") Oh honey bunny, men are certainly welcomed. ") It takes longer for some people to reply to some posts. Soon you'll see posts with support and maybe even some things you can do to help dull your pain. ") I'm so happy to hear that you're going to a pain doctor. Mention to him/her about adhesions, bring with you material you can find on this site about adhesions and let the doctor read it. Oh how I pray to God that the doctor understands what adhesions are and that they DO cause pain. Again, you can get nasty adhesions from a hard blow to the tummy - a car accident......just about any trauma to the tummy area. Sad huh? "( There are great doctors in PA as well as in Germany that can help you too. The doctors in PA will ask for any medical notes you have, read them over, and then let you know their thoughts. Let me know if you'd like their information and I'd be more than happy to send you their information. Relationships are hard when you're in devil pain and you don't know what's causing it. Even when you know what's causing the pain, it's so hard for the other half to understand until of course they're educated. When my husband, Pete, and I were first dating, not a month later I had to have surgery. I was recuperating at my apartment until my room mate came down with the measles and my doctor said it would be best if I found another place to recoup. Even though Pete and I were only dating he offered me his place to stay and get well. Ever since then we've been together...tee hee....he's a great nurse. I guess what I'm trying to get at is before we were married he went through 2 surgeries and when he married me he said he knew what he was getting into. I was very lucky, still am, he's a terrific guy. He didn't even know what an ovary was and now you can ask him anything and he'll tell you what it is. He got squeamish talking about a woman's menstrual cycle now it's like talking about a foot ball game to him...LOL I have an idea, if your fiance would like to know more, certainly she can ask about it here or she can even email my husband to see how the other half lives. He'd be more than happy to chat with her. ") Scott, it's hard, I know - please know that I'm just an email away as I said before. I'm here for you and for your fiance or anyone else who needs to talk, vent, scream.....anything! ") Hugs with love, ~Chrissie ")

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