Brokenwing - Intimacy-feelings

Tue Jul 16 09:58:52 2002

Hi Sweets Brokenwing, What you described in your feelings about love making and feeling bad about your husband TOTALLY describes my love life. I told Pete, that I could do "other" things to satisfy him, but he won't go there. He said, if you can't enjoy, I can't. But the thing is, I don't enjoy. It hurts during sex, like he's hitting something and it only causes pain. The pain after sex sometimes lasts for 2 days then I go back to my regular devil pain. All this has happened since my TAH that I lost that loving feeling. I had feelings before the TAH, even with my devil pain, but now I don't have one ounce of the feeling. I know that men can take viagra, what can woman take? I want the feeling back, not only for my husband, but for me too. Prior my TAH and I had the feeling, I didn't care about the extra pain because I got to share that special time I only share with my husband. I would deal with the pain after wards but told myself, at least I know why I had pain - it's because I had sex. What do we do? Who or what can help us? I know my husband wouldn't stray just for sex. He is a very patient man when it comes to that because he hates to see me in pain. But I want that special time with him and I miss it so much! Thank you for sharing Brokenwing - thank you for letting me know as well that I'm not alone when it comes to intimacy non-feelings. Now what? ") Love and lots of hugs coming your way Sweet Brokenwing, ~Chrissie xo's

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