Re: Thank You Everyone! (Lillian)

From: Browkenwing (
Mon Jul 15 21:32:56 2002

Dear Lillian, I am soooo Happy to hear you are Free from Pain meds :-) Does this mean you are Pain Free?? I sure hope so!It is so nice to hear some good news for a change!

You are soooo right about Dr.s just cutting you open cause that is what happen to me a year ago! Hesaid the only way he could do it was to make a cesarean cut and he had problems even getting in because of adhesions When he did get in he pulled out my bowels(Big mistake) and lysed the adhesions then he used the interceed barrier! The pain is worse than ever and I know the adhesions are all over my abdomen now! This Dr. told me at my post op visit that It was not his job because he was a Gyn Dr. and I did not have any female organs for him to deal with so he couldn't help me anymore! I wish to God I would have never let him cut me open :-( And I trust all my Angels here on this board before I will ever trust a Dr. again!!!!!! Big Pain-Free hugs coming your way!

                 A Prayer For Relief
Send down your angel who in his mercy gives comfort and
relief to those who suffer. Let the sick and infirm be
healed. Lighten and relieve their pain. Let them have
respite from suffering that they may see your light.
Let healing come swiftly with the dawn.Blessed are you,
O Lord, who uphold the sick on their bed of Sorrow! May
their days once more be good and their years be Happy!
Blessed are you, who uphold, save, and restore the sick.
                   From Praying in the Jewish Tradition

God Bless My Adhesion Family _ (\@/) / \ /___\ ~Browkenwing~

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