Re: Thank You Everyone!

Mon Jul 15 19:22:42 2002

I just want to tell you Rosalyn that your doctor is lying to you when he tells you there are too many adhesions to go in with a scope. I can tell you I just had a Laparoscopy 3 weeks ago done here in the US by a doctor and he did surgery a year ago. Hoping to get all those ugly things down with a scope and put in Intergel was our hope and it happened and we are both kicking our heels about it. He may not be able to do it but someone can. I can tell you opening you up is only going to give you more adhesions and increase your pain. I also was taking demerol and morphine every day to live. I am now on nothing. You will be making a grave mistake in allowing this vascular surgeon to do surgery on you. I have had 9 surgeries over the past 11 years and I won't let anyone who says they can't remove adhesions with a scope touch me. I am sorry if youthink your doc is telling you the truth over people who have the experience like us. That doc will make his money and then send you off to be in more pain and then you'll be in the ER more than you ever were before. But if you choose to allow this doc to do surgery on you that is entirely your choice. I was in a lot of pain too withno meds working and I know it;s hard but I know that if I had an open incision I would be in worse condition then before. Can't you go to Germany and have a specialist help you where you know you will have the best outcome.If not how about Dr Redan in Penn. It's not too late to cancel that surgery. If you have surgery by this doc you may wind up with hernia that will never allow more surgery to help or many other vitla organs you need because he can't wont take the time to do this slow. Sounds like he would rush that surgery and maybe remove bowel or bladder or something because he doesn't beleive it can be done in a slower fashion. Please I am asking you to reconsider. I am not trying to be ugly or rude. I only have your best interest in mind. Which I don't think your doctor has.I hope you take this serious. I am not trying to hurt you only help. Love LIllian

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