From: LScott (
Mon Jul 15 21:23:24 2002

Thanks BW.....

Several people have been kind enough to email me directly.... special thanks to them :)

I am seeing the doc tommorow for liver function and thyroid testing (I guess they are trying to rule out hepatitis since my liver funtctions were off in my last CBC. I suppose that could be it.... or at least causing the inflammation that could lead to adhesions.

I see the pain doctor next week to talk about trying some diagnostic trigger point injections. I don't know if it will help, but at least it can rule out a deeper (ie, tumor) type thing.

One wonderful nursing student here explained to me what "devil pain" is. I understand completely. It is a perfect way to describe it. I have at many times gotten angry that this was thrust upon me...... The other day I was at the mall, and I actually was getting annoyed that there were so many people that abuse their bodies yet are fine. I am... or at least was.... in great health and good shape, then I woke up one morning with this devil pain. Since then I don't exercise, stay fairly depressed and have lost alot of weight cause I just don't feel like eating.

One day at a time!!

Thanks again everyone, and I will keep you up to date.


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