From: Browkenwing (
Sun Jul 14 15:24:48 2002

I am soooooo sorrrry I have not Welcomed you to the board! I am glad you found us! I don't post alot cause I am not online very much so it takes me forever to see how my adhesion family is doing! Yes men do get adhesions so you are not alone. There was a man that posted last month I think his name was Davey(my memory is not that great) but he posted because his Dad was having terrible problems with adhesions! If you want me to I can try and find the post for ya! Also last year someone posted that the actor Carrol O'Conner suffered from adhesions too! We totally understand the pain and frustration adhesions can cause! Please keep posting and let us know how things are going for you! We are here for you :-) Welcoming you with open arms!

                 A Prayer For Relief
Send down your angel who in his mercy gives comfort and
relief to those who suffer. Let the sick and infirm be
healed. Lighten and relieve their pain. Let them have
respite from suffering that they may see your light.
Let healing come swiftly with the dawn.Blessed are you,
O Lord, who uphold the sick on their bed of Sorrow! May
their days once more be good and their years be Happy!
Blessed are you, who uphold, save, and restore the sick.
                   From Praying in the Jewish Tradition

God Bless My Adhesion Family _ (\@/) / \ /___\ ~Browkenwing~

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