Hi Rosalie! Welcome!! ")

From: Chrissy492@aol.com
Sun Jul 14 12:14:01 2002

Welcome Rosalie so good to meet you! It's awful, just awful that you have to deal with devil pain of adhesions. When new people post here and I welcome them, I also tell them that it's bitter sweet to meet you. Bitter because I'm so sorry that you're dealing with the pain but sweet because I get to meet you. ") Rosalie I would like to share some of my experience with you since this will be your first surgery. First off, thank God you came here prior to your surgery and let us know you were going for surgery. ") I have meet so many wonderful people here and it pains me to know they have gone for multiple surgeries way before they knew that having surgeries isn't the answer most of the time. Certainly if it's a life or death situation and surgery is the very last resort, then the surgery is needed. Like severe blocked bowel, or the adhesions have all your inners stuck together that your food can't go through your intestines - gets stuck - and causes crappola to go on inside of you. Many doctors are very knife happy and won't tell you the whole story. They won't tell you that the more surgeries you have the worse the adhesions come back, the stronger your adhesions come back, and the more the adhesions show up in places you never thought they could be. They won't tell you that after they cut you up, cause you to have more adhesions, more devil pain, that when you ask for their help in the future because you hurt so very bad, they are going to give you a line like, it's all in your head, go talk to a priest, a shrink....or you're crazy lady - you don't have any pain....or the best one..........adhesions don't cause pain. grrr that last one really ticks me off when a doctor says that. It's because I care about you that I would suggest not to have surgery. If you really, really, really, feel as if you should, then I beg you to go to a doctor that has performed surgery on adhesions before, and know that adhesions do cause pain, and will be there for you in the future and not turn their backs on you. It's also because I've read too many stories here about people having surgery after surgery and are left so very alone by the medical profession because they were not told the whole story. I would really hate to see you have to go through something so unnecessary, it would break my heart to have another person be in devil pain and have no where to go, and have the medical people turn their back on you. Can you please, please, re-think your surgery and get more information before you have your first surgery for adhesions? Please, always know that I'm just an email away. Everyone else as well - we are all here for you. Even if you'd like to email me directly please do. ") Hope I helped you in some way - remember, you're not alone, never will be. ") Hugs with Love, ~Chrissie (Christine Damon - Epsom, New Hampshire on the adhesions quilt)

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