Hi Lisa from Ohio ")

From: Chrissy492@aol.com
Sun Jul 14 12:36:44 2002

Honey, I'm so sorry if I missed your post! I'm usually better at this - it must have been one of those brain sleeping days when you posted........I'm sorry sweets. My friend and her husband just came back from a trip to Germany. They said the people there were nice and if they didn't speak English, they really tried the best they could to communicate. I pray that your surgery smoothes right along - God will be guiding the doctors hands to where all those nasty devil pained adhesions are and suck'em right out of you! I'm sending you an Angle to calm your nerves and make your trip a great memory. She is also an Angle with great power - great patients - and has so much green on her. The color green means healing and you're going to heal so fast you wouldn't even know you had surgery! yea! Please let me know how you do - heavy prayers being said for you my Sweets. Hugs and Love, ~Chrissie xo's

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