Re: Weight loss

From: Susan (
Sat Jul 13 18:22:10 2002

At Sat, 13 Jul 2002, Rita Steele wrote: >
>I had my gall bladder removed 3/22/00, I've been in
>pain the last 2 1/2 years. Immediately after my
>surgery the pain was even worse than before, I was so
>miserable I couldn't eat as a result I lost 25 lbs.
>but the pain did NOT go away! I've been to numerous
>Drs., I've had every test there is but they are always
>"NORMAL". Nothing has gotten rid of the pain. I'm
>scheduled to have surgery (Diagnostic Laparoscopy
>W/ Lysis of Adhesions) the end of this month.
>Hopefully this will at least confirm I have adhesions
>& if I do maybe I can get some pain relief. I've only
>had the one surgery but it has been a nightmare. If
>this surgery doesn't help & my problem is adhesions,
>I'll try to go to Germany where they can use the Spray
>You can find my story on the adhesion quilt. I wish I
>could have given you some hope instead of bad news.
>Take Care,
>Rita in AZ
>--- Susan <> wrote:
>> Since I have had my gallbladder out(2years ago) I
>> have been bothered by
>> pulling and tightness in my chest. Also had
>> C-section,Hyst. When I had
>> gallbladder out they removed some adhesions.
>> Intestines attached to
>> abdominal wall. I feel this is probably what has
>> happened again since
>> gallbladder out. My question to you is would a
>> 20-30 pound weight loss
>> affect symptoms from adhesions? I am only 5' and
>> need to lose weight and
>> am thinking of going to Weight Watchers.Does anyone
>> know of any effects
>> from weight loss with adhesions? Or none hopefully.
>> Thanks.Susan

Rita, WHen is your surgery? I will be thinking of you and wishing you luck. I know you wonder how such a simple surgery can cause such problems. Let us know how you do. Susan

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