Re: Weight loss

From: Rita Steele (
Sat Jul 13 12:50:16 2002

Susan, I had my gall bladder removed 3/22/00, I've been in pain the last 2 1/2 years. Immediately after my surgery the pain was even worse than before, I was so miserable I couldn't eat as a result I lost 25 lbs. but the pain did NOT go away! I've been to numerous Drs., I've had every test there is but they are always "NORMAL". Nothing has gotten rid of the pain. I'm scheduled to have surgery (Diagnostic Laparoscopy W/ Lysis of Adhesions) the end of this month. Hopefully this will at least confirm I have adhesions & if I do maybe I can get some pain relief. I've only had the one surgery but it has been a nightmare. If this surgery doesn't help & my problem is adhesions, I'll try to go to Germany where they can use the Spray Gel. You can find my story on the adhesion quilt. I wish I could have given you some hope instead of bad news. Take Care, Rita in AZ --- Susan <> wrote: > Since I have had my gallbladder out(2years ago) I
> have been bothered by
> pulling and tightness in my chest. Also had
> C-section,Hyst. When I had
> gallbladder out they removed some adhesions.
> Intestines attached to
> abdominal wall. I feel this is probably what has
> happened again since
> gallbladder out. My question to you is would a
> 20-30 pound weight loss
> affect symptoms from adhesions? I am only 5' and
> need to lose weight and
> am thinking of going to Weight Watchers.Does anyone
> know of any effects
> from weight loss with adhesions? Or none hopefully.
> Thanks.Susan

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