Welcome Rosalie :-)

From: Browkenwing (anonymous@medispecialty.com)
Sat Jul 13 20:24:17 2002

Dear sweet Rosalie, Please-Please listen to all the advice from all the Angels on this board I am not saying you have to do what they tell you but Please- Please listen before you have the surgery because everyone here knows all to well what adhesions can do to you :-( I wish I would have had all the info about surgery and adhesions before my first surgery in "93" which was supposed to be a Simple tubaligation with two band-aid size insicions and in and out in 20-to-30 minutes! Instead it became the surgery from Hell! The Dr. didn't put the laprascope down far enough and put the gas in and distorted his own view and just started cutting then without first consulting with my husband to see if he should stop he made a ceasarean cut and a 2 inch cut from my belly button which later got infected! 2 and ahalf hours later they took me to recovery I ended up staying at the hospital over night and I was in bed for eight weeks !!! That is when the adhesions began and I have had four more surgeries since then because of the adhesions :-( My last surgery was ironically July 17 of 2001 for adhesions and the Dr. that did it was the Chief of staff of the GYN dept at the hospital I went to. He used the interceed barrier and lysed all the adhesions and I am sorry to say but the pain never totally went away and a few months later it was back worse than before!! I could probably write a book(as well as everyone else here could too) about all I have seen,heard and been through over the years with the medical proffesion and I have lost all faith in them and I will only go to the Dr.when it becomes a life threatining situation and then I still might not go! One thing I have found for sure is Dr.s are real good at creating problems but they sure don't want to fix them they just pass you on to someone else!! Only you know what is best for you and we are only telling you our stories because we don't want anyone else to suffer the way we have! Please read all the stories and find out all you can before you decide on surgery!But know matter what you do we all welcome you here with open arms! God Bless You!

                 A Prayer For Relief
Send down your angel who in his mercy gives comfort and
relief to those who suffer. Let the sick and infirm be
healed. Lighten and relieve their pain. Let them have
respite from suffering that they may see your light.
Let healing come swiftly with the dawn.Blessed are you,
O Lord, who uphold the sick on their bed of Sorrow! May
their days once more be good and their years be Happy!
Blessed are you, who uphold, save, and restore the sick.
                   From Praying in the Jewish Tradition

God Bless My Adhesion Family _ (\@/) / \ /___\ ~Browkenwing~

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