Re: surgery

From: Robin M. (
Sat Jul 13 07:31:56 2002

Dear Rosalie, Surgery is good, if you have a specialist. They use techniques that help reduce the chance of more adhesions & reduce the chance of reformation. Many here have had several surgeries that resulted in more pain. Many have been pain free for a while, but it comes back. I will say a pray for you & your up coming surgery. Robin M

At Sat, 13 Jul 2002, Rosalie wrote: >
>Hello everyone. I am so thankful to find out that I'm not alone, that
>there are so many people out there that suffer from the pain of
>"adhesions". I go into surgery Wed. 17, this will be my first surgery
>to try and remove as many adhesions as possible. They are everywhere,
>my bowel, stomach wall, bladder, etc. My surgeon is not only a General
>Surgeon, but also specializes in Thoracic and Vascular surgery. I
>wanted to see if anyone who has had surgery could give me their story,
>whether it be good or bad. I am very happy to have found this web site
>for support. Thank you all I wish all of you the best!

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