Re: pains and pulling?

From: Evelyn (
Thu Jul 11 15:23:12 2002

At Thu, 11 Jul 2002, claire wrote: >
>Hell I am new to the adhesion situation. I have had, have
>endometriosis. I have had 4 ops for this including and hyst then ovarys
>removal. My gyn when examining me said he could find adhesions
>recently. I am now finding that i have pain on 1 side especially, and
>notice it even more when lifting on that side (i work in a preschool) i
>even feel sometimes that that it feels like it may tear. Is this
>common? does anyone have any ideas what i can do about it. I really do
>not want more surgery just yet( it has been offered to me)Thank you .

Hi Clare My six year old son has had a history of bowel surgery and he has just this week told me it hurts him in the tummy and bottom simutaniously when passing a motion. I to wonder if this is something simular to your pulling feeling. He had massive densed adhesions throughout his entire bowel at 2 years of age. He is very constipated as may also be delaying a motion because of fear of passing. I can tottally understand how you do not want to race to surgery, I have learned so much from this web site and the people who visit here, more than some Doctors here anyway. All the best Clare Regards Evelyn

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