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Thu Jul 11 19:33:29 2002

hi lillian, i would like to see the pictures, can you email them to me, my daughter cassie has had 3 surgeries for adhesions, she had a lap last dec and has been doing very well until three weeks ago, all of the sudden water diahrea for almost four weeks now and lots of pain on one side of her belly button area, next to her huge scar, i'm afraid the adhesions are back, she was really getting on with life and all her friends, and now she just wants to stay in her bedroom and in bed with her knees up, i took a culture in and it all came back negative, thought she might have a parasite because it seemed to all start when we were at lake powell, she did waterski alot, wonder if that triggered something, i have pictures from her lap in dec too. thanks, cathy

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