Re: pains and pulling?

Thu Jul 11 13:25:56 2002

HI , Welcome to our site and I want to tell you that adhesions do cause that pulling pain.I have experienced this. I just had my 9th surgery in 11 yrs started with a hyst and the past 3 yrs i had 4 surgeries. It is a very awful experience. I can't try to forget the pain sites as I recover from yet another surgery. But I feel better since my last surgery. But I really can't tell you that there is a real cure. Surgery as you must know only increases adhesions. But sometimes you justcan't take the pain any longer and even a few weeks relief is so welcomed. But I guess we all really know not all of us wind up in the viscious circle there are some success stories. But we are here to talk to and to listen. Love Lillian

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