Dear Annie :-)

From: Browkenwing (
Tue Jul 9 16:34:50 2002

Welcome to the board we are sooooo glad you found us!! We would love to talk with you because we totally understand what adhesions can do :-( I added a message from our Australian Angel JO she has a wonderful website listed at the bottom! I have gone to the chat room a couple of times and have gotten to know some really great friends there to! Try reading some of the quilt and keep posting cause thats why we are here to help eachother the best we can!! Big Hugs coming your way!!!

At Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Jo Eslick wrote: >
>Hello to all our friends and visitors to! With much
>thanks to our hard working webmaster Kanga aka Sally Gill from NSW
>Australia, we now have an even better chat room than before! Karla,
>Nancy, Kanga & I had the opportunity to give it a test run this morning
>and we are confident that EVERYONE will be able to gain access to the
>chat room. It is important to be patient, as it takes a little while
>for the java script room to load, but works using your existing
>nicknames and passwords.
>There are some additional features will appeal to the kids for their
>chat sessions on friday night/Saturday mornings and us bigger kids for
>the Wednesday night chat session this Wednesday from 8pm to 10pm US
>Eastern Standard Time. Later today a world Clock link will be added to
>the chat page, so that everyone can work out what time they need to log
>in to join the Wednesday night chats.....
>As I said to you in my email yesterday, I am applying for funding
>through the State Government of my country - Australia and I am asking
>for your help and support. I urge you to start using the NOTE PAD
>message board and leave your comments and impressions of the bombo site
>and perhaps talkk about how bombo has helped you deal with your
>adhesions and pain.
>To leave a message on note pad, simply click on the Note Pad link on the
>left menu bar. This will take you to the front page of Note Pad where
>there are a number of subject topics for you to choose from. When you
>find a topic that fits the comments or questions you wish to ask, click
>on the topic heading. This will then take you to the topic page. There
>you will find a number of subject titles, to read the messages, click on
>the subject title and it will open the thread of messages. If you wish
>to comment on this topic, scroll down to the last entry where you will
>find in the bottom right corner the word reply, click on that word and a
>message box will open. Type your message and scroll to the bottom of
>the box and click on preview. This will allow you to check how your
>message will look when you post it on the board. If you find any
>mistakes etc, go down to the message box at the bottom of the preview
>screen, and make your changes and then click preview refresh. Once you
>are satisfied with your message simply click on post.
>I hope this helps you to post messages on the board, once you become
>familiar with the way Note Pad messages are posted, you will find it
>easier to use and will be ready to experiment and try some of the other
>features available.....
>Don't forget that the chat room can only be accessed at this time via
> and clicking on the Beach Club Chat link on the left
>menu bar. If you aren't a current member, I invite you to join our
>group.... then you will receive all the latest news on what's happening
>on the web site and in adhesions research etc.....
>I can't wait to meet you in the chat room soon!
>Love and gentle hugs,
>Joanne Eslick
>Founder Australian Adhesions Support Group
>NSW Australian Co-ordinator of
>International Adhesions Society
>I am not a medical person, and all my messages are based
>on personal experience. I am a fellow adhesions sufferer
>reaching out to help others.

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