Adhesion Pain

From: Lori (
Thu Jul 4 20:27:25 2002

Hi everyone,

I was doing a search on the web today for reading on adhesion pain and came across this message board First off, I cant believe how many people are in the same boat with me. If I dont get anything else out of this board, I did get that I am not alone.

First my medical history. It started about 6 years ago... I went in with pain on my right side, they did a exploratory on me, and found a cyst on my right ovary. And it was removed.

A year later I had pain thruout my entire lower belly. They did another exploratory and found that I had a cyst on both ovaries this time. They removed my right ovary, and removed the cyst off of my left ovary.

A year or so later, pain once again. they opened me up and found a cyst on my left ovary again and my belly was full of adhesions. So they removed my left ovary completely and cut away adhesions.

A year later, pain again.. They figured it was adhesions again and opened me back up. Gave me a complete hysterecomy (Age27) and cut away the massive buildup of adhesions.

I was okay for about 2 years, then pain once again. I was in a different state this time, so I thought maybe they could take care of it this time. They did a lapriscopy on me and cut away a bunch of adhesions again.

Now here we are to the present time. A year later and I am in severe pain once again. I'm sitting here now, and its been 6 months with this bout. I have had all the tests done. Ct scans, colon test, xrays, blood work..You name it I have had it. I kept telling my doctor what the pain was from... But he said that nothing wrong was showing up on the tests So he finally referred me to a specialist surgeon. I was then told by BOTH of these doctors that I was making the pain up, and that it was all in my head. That I did not need a regular doctor or surgeon, I needed a shrink.

Its nice to be able to come someplace like here and read that I am not alone... But we still need something that works Is there anyone out there that has successfully had adhesions stopped. My husband and my kids would like their wife and mother back

Thank you Lori

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