Re: To Helen Dynda

From: clare (
Thu Jul 4 19:15:29 2002

Hi Helen:

Yes, we have Canada Day, which is July 1st (yeah!!!!). It's just basically a celebration of our country, and a rally for Canadian pride. It is nice to have a national holiday, though.


At Thu, 4 Jul 2002, Helen Dynda wrote: > >Hi Clare, Thank you for making me feel so welcome!! There has been so >little activity on the Message Board today; so in celebration of the 4th >of July, I decided to post something patriotic - with the thought that >there may be someone, who would like to know more about this national >holiday. > >Does Canada have a similar national holiday? > >By the way, I haven't forgotten to respond to your email. Tonight I >plan to devote some time toward responding to not only your email but >many other emails that I have neglected to answer in a timely manner. > >Now, I hope I can get motivated to accomplish my plan. > >Helen > >At Thu, 4 Jul 2002, clare wrote: >> >>Hi Helen: >> >>I just wanted to say I'm darned glad to see you and your posts back! >> >>-- >>Clare >>

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