Re: Car Crash

Tue Jul 2 18:33:12 2002


Go to the ER...internal injuries can cost you your life!

Please let us know how you are doing after you see someone.

kcmo rose

At Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Valerie Gates wrote: >
>I could use a little advice!! I wrecked my truck last night. I
>hydroplaned on wet streets and slid into a van. The force of the impact
>threw me into the steering wheel, right in my belly and of course the
>seatbelt really squeezed my tummy too!! I'm calling around to see if I
>can get into a doctor today....I hurt so bad!! If no one can get me
>in...should I try to go to an ER??? It's not acute abdominal pain, but
>quite worse than my usual pain level!! I can't decide if I damaged
>anything worse, or just pulled an bruised muscles and fired up my
>already miserable adhesions!!!
>Boo Hoo

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