To Sally Re: To all my friends from Sally

From: clare (
Tue Jul 2 18:45:29 2002

Dear Sally:

I am so sorry about your Godson, Joe. I will keep both you and him in my prayers. I will also pray to Manitou (I am part Algonquin First Nation).

Please let us know when your surgery is booked (I hope it's soon). Once you have your mind made up I think it's best to have the surgery as soon as you can. Sally, when it's time - it's time.

I think of you often, and wish you painfree hours, moments and days,


At Sun, 30 Jun 2002, Sally Grigg wrote: > >Dear friends, I'm still here and I miss you all. I didn't mean to imply that >I had sheared all those sheep alone, I did too much, but all I did was chase >them into the corner, so the sheep shearer could catch their legs with the >hook. I also wanted to enplain why I haven't been on the board lately. > >I've been in a lot of pain with a lot of bloating. Boy, do I hate saying >that. Anyway, We've decided on another surgery before my adhesions take over >the world. It feels that way now. We could make a movie, one of those horror >films. It would inform people about adhesions and all through the movie the >adhesions would be growing around everything until the whole world is stuck. > > The pain, ah the pain, but what to do. Who knows? The Inn is full and My >God-son was just in an horrible accident with major head trauma. We are four >hours from the trauma center, but I'm going as often as I can. I love him so >much. Please pray for him, He's 21, and was tall, dark and handsome and so >bright, he lite up the room. I was at his birth. He had a hard head, half >Indian, so maybe that will help.His bones are really dense. We need all the >help we can get, I'm grasping at straws, but its all I've got. > >I love you all too and hope things will get better for each and every one of >you. Please pray for Joe. Love, Sally Grigg

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