Re: To all my friends from Sally

Tue Jul 2 18:30:34 2002


I'll send my prayers winging to your god-son. Take good care of your self and let us know how it goes.

Maybe we can get one of those computer-generated gurus to do the movie!

hugs, kcmo rose

At Sun, 30 Jun 2002, Sally Grigg wrote: >
>Dear friends, I'm still here and I miss you all. I didn't mean to imply that
>I had sheared all those sheep alone, I did too much, but all I did was chase
>them into the corner, so the sheep shearer could catch their legs with the
>hook. I also wanted to enplain why I haven't been on the board lately.
>I've been in a lot of pain with a lot of bloating. Boy, do I hate saying
>that. Anyway, We've decided on another surgery before my adhesions take over
>the world. It feels that way now. We could make a movie, one of those horror
>films. It would inform people about adhesions and all through the movie the
>adhesions would be growing around everything until the whole world is stuck.
> The pain, ah the pain, but what to do. Who knows? The Inn is full and My
>God-son was just in an horrible accident with major head trauma. We are four
>hours from the trauma center, but I'm going as often as I can. I love him so
>much. Please pray for him, He's 21, and was tall, dark and handsome and so
>bright, he lite up the room. I was at his birth. He had a hard head, half
>Indian, so maybe that will help.His bones are really dense. We need all the
>help we can get, I'm grasping at straws, but its all I've got.
>I love you all too and hope things will get better for each and every one of
>you. Please pray for Joe. Love, Sally Grigg

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