From: Jean Long (
Mon Jan 28 00:02:40 2002

Does anyone know a GOOD anti-depressant that doesn't make you into a zombie, upset your stomach, make you gain weight, or constipate you?

Also....what is the difference in an anti-depressant and a nerve pill, if any? I have bad nerves and am depressed much more lately so maybe I need help to get over it.

I'm not sure what I need or if my body will even tolerate them, but I think maybe I should check into something for it. The pain doctor even mentioned it to me because she thinks it may help me. She said since I have had to endure so much in my life, and especially the past 2 years, that I should be getting help to deal with that in addition to the pain.

My system doesn't tolerate very much though and I MUST be capable of thinking!! Putting weight on would only depress me more. Many years ago I was on something for my nerves and/or depression (don't remember what) and it was terrible! I was just a zombie, just wanted to sleep, didn't care about anything anymore, and couldn't think or even feel my body. I went from one extreme to the other (from worrying about everything to not caring about anything)!! I DON'T want that again, and that is why I have been shying away from them.

I want to care (just not to extreme), be happy go lucky again, and have energy. Any advice? JEAN

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