Re: Pain Management

From: Kelly Murray (
Thu Jan 24 06:36:27 2002

Lesa, I am still angry, as I am not one that calls up and whines. I have called probably 3 times in 2 years. I made an appt. with the doc and will voice my displeasure on the nurse. I think about it every day and I get very ticked. I am feeling better now. I think I must have had a partial blockage or something. On a good note I went to Albuquerque to a University Doctor for my bladder problems. She said she could fix the problem. I told her that I couldn't have any more surgery because of the adhesions. She said that where she would go in is a separate place and would be minimally invasive. (Uretha problem) She also said she would call my dr. here and get me back into pain management. So, maybe I can be a little more comfortable. On a funny note, my mom took me to Albuquerque (3 hours drive) and before we left town, she ran into a pole and dented her fender, then on the way home, she decided to take a short cut and ended up having to drive 1 1/2 hours extra to get home.The dent isn't too funny but if you knew my mom you would laugh. She really thought she was going to save us time on the way home with the short-cut and at some point we didn't even know where we were. My main problem is after my busy day is done then I hurt everywhere. She said that I probably hold every thing at work and then my body releases everything in the evening. Thanks for you concern Kel -------Original Message------- From: Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 08:42:53 PM To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Subject: Re: Pain Management Kel, I know just how you feel, I think the nurses half the time don't give the

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