Re: Hello! - To Millie

From: Lisa (
Thu Jan 24 06:28:55 2002

At Wed, 23 Jan 2002, wrote: >
>Big Bear Lake is in San Bernardino County, California...I did enjoy my
>weekend until Saturday night...I began to feel really yucky, had a fever and
>felt like I was going to barf....and guess what? My abscess was the cause,
>the damn thing filled up again and was about to "burst"....I was so upset.
>I'm feeling better now, the skin has almost closed over the whole again. I
>called the surgeon yesterday and he was supposed to talk to the radiologist
>today and they might try to do something like suck it out while under CT
>Scan, it's an alternative to surgery and I am willing to try anything.
>How was your weekend?

Lesa, Hello this is Lisa, I had an absess drained during a CT scan. It worked well, with only a little bit of pain. It didn't take long either. So good luck I hope it goes well for you too.


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