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From: Sally Grigg (
Wed Jan 23 15:03:03 2002

Yes, its possible for adhesions to form within seven days, but the density will be different with beginning adhesions until finally old adhesions can be quite thick and strong. I don't know if "extensive" adhesions can form in so short a period of time, it depends on how the word is being defined. But It could happen. My abdomen was completely "cleaned out" one April and by August was so full of adhesions that the doctor cut into an organ by mistake because he couldn't see anything. Good luck, Love, Sally

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> Hello. I just came across this website, and have been following it for
> a couple of days. I wanted to ask somene, anyone if they think that a
> signifcant amount of adhesions can form in as little as 14 days. Here
> is the scenario... I went for Laparoscopy performed by my regular
> GYN..On the operative report it states that "there were no significant
> adhesions" but moderate endometriosis. well the Doctor gave me bad news
> that I wont go into for now, but was required to under go TAH/BSO 13
> days later. On that operative report (performed by GYN/ONC) it states
> that "there were adhesions present from omentum to anterior abdomimal
> wall" and also stated that there were "exstensive adhesions on the
> sigmiod to the left..." it also says the sugeon spent 45 minutes of
> operating time to get rid of adhesions. I am wondering if anyone thinks
> that it is conceivable for "extensive adhesions" to form so quickly, or
> the 1st Doctor didnt know what he was looking at.
> Thank You
> Caroline Abinsay

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