Re: Adhesions Question

Wed Jan 23 16:49:02 2002

Cathy- Thank you for your response. My surgery was a whole can of worms in it self. Doc #1 gave me a diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer after the lap. Thats where Doc #2 came into the picture he is a Gynecological Onclologist. I underwent the lap. because i wanted to get pregnant, and having endometriosis doc #1 wanted to check ou the endo. Went for my follow up and this is where doc #1 dropped the bomb..told me i had OvCa and that I MUST have TAH/BSO and chemotherapy immediately. He referred me to Doc #2 who did the hysterectomy.. after the Hyst. It was discovered that I NEVER had OvCa after all. (yes, i am in the process of filing suit) This all took place in August of 2000. After the surgery I had chronic pelvic pain and lower back pain, only to be treated as if I was "imagining" the pain. Was bounced from doc to doc like a hot potato none of which would validate the pain. Only after I stumbled across this site, did I realize where the pain was possibly coming from. Thanx again! Caroline

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