To Sally Re: nee from Sally

From: clare (
Wed Jan 23 06:19:45 2002

Hi Sally:

I'm so sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. We all know how hard it is to stay 'positive' when the demon pain takes over. Sally, I think that you're right to be honest and say the truth from your experience, as the reason why I come to this forum is to learn from the experience of others.

I pray today is better for you.


At Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Sally Grigg wrote: >
>Dear Renee, A hysterectomy will not make your adhesions go away. It could
>make them worse. I'm not a doctor, but Please view the quilt on the
>adhesions site, before you make any decisions. Read the
>stories especially Karla's. Any operative activity makes the situation worse
>usually. there are a few good doctors who know what they are doing, but most
>Adhesions can cause intense pain, or no pain at all. No one knows why the
>variance. But if you are like me, and the adhesions keep coming back worse
>each procedure, it makes sense to stop the operations unless you have a full
>intestinal blockage or cancer or some other serious medical problem. Please
>don't make hasty decisions because you are in pain. You will probably be in
>pain later too. I'm sorry to be so blunt. I hurt so bad right now, I've been
>crying all day. But going to the E.R. or the doctor doesn't help. There's
>nothing they can do.
>It's not all bad, we have our life, it could be worse. Please keep coming
>back to the board and please educate yourself by reading past emails, etc.
>especially from Helen Dynda. I'm sorry to give you such bad news, I should
>probably work on my humor or sympathetic responses more. Good luck and best
>wishes, Sally


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