Re: I'm home! An introduction

From: Mary-Ann Karaganis (
Tue Jan 22 10:45:15 2002

Thank you! I'll look into getting that book.

Yoga is on my list of things to try next, as is racquetball and tennis, all things my doctor has suggested to keep the adhesions loose and stretchy.


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> Hi Mary-ann, and welcome!
> I think we all understand where you're coming from, there comes a point
> where enough is enough and it's time to start relying on our own inner
> gifts(which we all possess) to find peace with ourselves and our altered
> bodies.
> I have tried many things but nothing has helped as much as working with
> my mind through meditation, breathing and yoga. Jon Kabat-Zinn's book,
> Full Catastrophe Living is an excellent place to start if you are truly
> open and wanting to have a more positive and meaninful life inspite of
> your pain.
> Hugs to you...hang in there!
> Janet

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