Re: I'm home! An introduction

Wed Jan 23 21:30:55 2002

Mary Ann, Welcome! You sound like so many of us...the doctor who told you adhesions don't cause pain should be hung! It is SO irritating to hear those kind of things. I have tried so many things over the years to try and help my pain. One doctor shot hydrocortisone into my abdomen, it didn't work, one tried giving me anti-inflammatories which didn't work either. More surgery is only a temporary help and if often the cause of a much worse situation. I am currently on pain pills (vicodin es, 4 times a day, everyday) and just keeping as positive of an attitude as I can. All of us here have different ways to deal with our day to day pain. We have to, we really have no alternative at this time that's 100%. Take care, Lesa

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