Re: Adhesions,Hirschbrungs Disease

Tue Jan 22 07:12:30 2002

Dearest Megan, I have had adhesions removed and they said now you will be fine and go on your way.I thought they knew what they were talking about .But low and behold 6 weeks later my pain returned. I didn't know how adhesions worked until I found this site and began to read and educate myself. I have had 8 surgeries in 11 years removing this part and that part thinking it was something wrong .I also had polycystic ovaries.Well I have nothing left to remove except the plumbing necessity and they even removed a part of that.My last surgery was in June 2001 and 6 weeks later my pain was back even after using Suprafilm.So now I am in the hands of Pain Mangement on drugs to keep me functioning until some miracle cure or forever. Surgery is not really the answer unless you become totally obstructed and then I think there is the old nasogastric tube trick with a wait and see if it will unkink itself .Adhesions sometimes don't cause a problem until much later in life as yours presented itself .In my case they present themselves very quickly. I feel for you I know you are very young but adhesions unfortunately don't look for age either. I wish there was an easy answer I could give you . But unfortunately there is none. It is best to search for a PAin management team that will work to keep you comfortable. Wishing you the best .If you have any further questions be glad to help if I can. Lilllian

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