Re: Adhesions,Hirschbrungs Disease

Tue Jan 22 01:36:22 2002

At Thu, 15 Jul 1999, wrote: >
>Iam not real good at this internet thing but I have had so many problems
>with adhesions and scar tissue I looked you up and decided to write. Iam
>23 as of July 4th and when i was born I had Hirschbrungs disease. I had
>8 major surgeries before I was 3. Then I was fine for many years after
>that. In May of 1998 I started throwing up almost after every meal. I
>had a group of Doctors that could not do anything but stand around.
>December of 1998 I found the three doctors that were sure to change my
>life. They did. In febuary of 1999 they performed another major
>surgery. Removing a lot of scar tissue and adhesions from all my old
>surgeries. They also found out I have Polycistic ovaries. so they
>removed 2 softball size cysts from me during surgery finding out later
>it was my fillopian tubes. They said surgery as a baby probably damaged
>them pretty bad. They then cleaned my liver free of scar tissue and
>adhesions. I guess that is why I had that greenish color for almost a
>year. Well I guess why I am writing is because in the last month I
>started throwing up again and I have this bee sting pain near my
>incision. I was wondering if anyone had any feed back at all on my
>condition or my situation. Thanks for your time I appriciate it. Megan

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