Re: Adhesions,Hirschbrungs Disease

From: Tracey (
Tue Jan 22 01:34:06 2002

At Thu, 15 Jul 1999, wrote: >
>Iam not real good at this internet thing but I have had so many problems
>with adhesions and scar tissue I looked you up and decided to write. Iam
>23 as of July 4th and when i was born I had Hirschbrungs disease. I had
>8 major surgeries before I was 3. Then I was fine for many years after
>that. In May of 1998 I started throwing up almost after every meal. I
>had a group of Doctors that could not do anything but stand around.
>December of 1998 I found the three doctors that were sure to change my
>life. They did. In febuary of 1999 they performed another major
>surgery. Removing a lot of scar tissue and adhesions from all my old
>surgeries. They also found out I have Polycistic ovaries. so they
>removed 2 softball size cysts from me during surgery finding out later
>it was my fillopian tubes. They said surgery as a baby probably damaged
>them pretty bad. They then cleaned my liver free of scar tissue and
>adhesions. I guess that is why I had that greenish color for almost a
>year. Well I guess why I am writing is because in the last month I
>started throwing up again and I have this bee sting pain near my
>incision. I was wondering if anyone had any feed back at all on my
>condition or my situation. Thanks for your time I appriciate it. Megan

Hello there-I'm not sure what I want to say, but I found this letter that you wrote about having hirschbrungs disease, and I needed to write to you. My son is 4 months old, and was born with HD, and had surgery, and the colostomy bag for 3 months, and a few weeks ago, had the reversal surgery. Within 1 week after being home, he went back to the hospital, mainly because he was dehydrated, and really wouldn't eat much, in fact we just got home from the hospital today, and he did fine in the hospital (while he had an I.V in his arm) but now that we are home he won't eat again, he hasn't since we left the hospital, and threw up tonite, and is looking dehydrated again (sunk in eyes)... Basically I guess I am just looking to find out about your experience with HD and do what I can to help my son get through this, We feel that we may have a long road ahead of us, him only being 4 months old, he really can't tell us anything about what he is going through.... after reading your letter I could just cry, because I can't picture this happening to our baby, especially since the Dr. told us everything should be ok, that most kids are very normal after going through this "somewhat common procedure" but it seems that your surgery at a young age proved to be a mistake for you..why? Please write back with your advice or knowledge about this disease, I know that it is passed on from us, but don't know about post surgery problems... I will be looking forward to hearing from you........Tracey


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