Re: I have a question - To Helen

From: J & L Vermey (
Mon Jan 21 20:36:19 2002

Hi guys,

Sorry I've not written for so long. I've been really sick, and it's been a major fight to keep myself out of hospital, but I've done it - I've handled it with the help of Dr Robertson. We have to try again for another baby - that didn't go as I'd wished, but not really a big surprise either. Still, I've been very disappoionted... I've not had any methadone for 4 weeks, and my Pain Specialist has handed my pain relief over to my GP, which makes me happy.

Will write again soon, I promise (I have to use John's computer - as my lap top has major "window's related problems" - but John's going to fix it when he's got the time - he's been very busy.)



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