Pain, Pain, go away!!!

From: Robin (
Mon Jan 21 20:18:01 2002

It has been 5 months since my last abdominal surgery to get rid of the adhesions, & I am in pain again. The last couple of weeks have been pretty bad. I saw the ob dr that did my surgery today. He recomended taking vioxx 50mg & motrin instead of the vicodin. He is against any kind of drugs. He thinks I should go to physical therapy or maybe acupunterist. He also thinks I should loose weight. Change my diet to more fruits & veggies. He doesn't think I have any adhesions because I didn't have that much when he went in. And of course, he used seprafilm to wrap everything in. He thinks I have chronic pelvic pain which is hard to diagnose what is causing it, but does not think that more surgery will help any. I am just really frustrated!! I am not sure what to do now. I will be seeing my PC tomorrow to see what she thinks. I think it is adhesions, because it is the same kind of pain, in the same places as before. I have had this pain off & on for the last 18 years, but, hey, what do I know?? I do know one thing, drs are still NOT telling patients that surgeries can cause adhesions. That in its self makes me upset. I guess, I just needed to vent some. I tried to call Elke in Germany the other day. I got her machine & left a message for her to post how Helen's surgery went, but, she hasnt posted anything yet, so I will try to reach her again tomorrow. love robin

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