Helen D. is recuperating in Germany

From: janet7k@aol.com
Mon Jan 21 20:15:56 2002

Hi all, I wanted to pass on this message written by Bev with news of Helen D. Thanks everyone for your prayers and wonderful warm hearts. Love, Janet

>From Bev:

Our dear Helen was moving slow and is weak yet today, but recovering as well as can be expected, but strong in spirit and moral!!

DR. Korell performed a diagnostic procedure and found that Helens bowel was attached to the peritoneum..at the exact spot she pinpointed to him in her consultation! The new "Confluent SprayGel Barrier" was used in her initial adhesiolysis procedure. Dr. Korell also resected a large section of Helen's lower abdominal scar from her prior laporotomy incisions. Though only time will tell how effective these two procedures will be for Helen, she remains optimistic and will know tomorrow if she will under go the second look laporoscopy.

Helen had a LONG journey to Dr. Korell this trip, more then one of her flights out of O'Hare International was cancelled, then the flight she finally secured was routed to Frankfort, Germany instead of Dussledorf, Germany creating another delay in her scheduled arrival in Duisburg! Once she secured a flight from Frankfort to Dusseldorf, she had to take a taxi from Dussledorf to Duisburg and finally the Klinikum ( hospital)! She arrived tired, but no less for wear and tear! She probably was spared a lot of hardship as she had the good fortune to connect with a very nice young lady who spoke both English and German, and who had the final destination of Dussledorf as well, Helen said she stuck to her like an " adhesion" ( though Helen used the term glue, I know what she meant!! ) LOL!

Helen said she will try to get on a PC and personaly send a few words from Germany to all of you...Helen will get back to us with an update as soon as she can.

We ask for Prayers for Gloria Pierson as she recovers in the Klinikum, Duisburg at this time. In the midst of her post surgical suffering, Goria asked helen to tell the IAS that once she returns home from Germany, she will start on an ARD resolution for her state! Now THAT is a pretty awesome young lady to say the least!

With Helen and Gloria taking the time to reach out to all of us back home in the United States while they go through surgery thousands of miles away doesn't epitomize what this ARD family is made of, I don't know what would!

"Our prayer continue for them and for all who suffer "Adhesion Related Disorder

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