Re: adhesion pain and pulling...

From: Sherry (
Mon Jan 21 20:07:16 2002

I would like to share with our new friends a little information I have learned in my battle with adhesions and their related disorders. We all know the more info we have the better we can understand what our bodies are going through. Pelvic adhesions are bands of scar tissue that form between organs in the pelvic area. They are caused by infection, inflammation, endometriosis, or as areas heal from surgery. Adhesion pain can cause a sharp. pulling type of pain, or pain with intercourse or bowel movements. They can be filmy like sheets of saran wrap, or thick. Some contain small blood vessels. When they involve the fallopian tubes, they can cause infertility or lead to ectopic pregnancies. This happened to me. If they are above the liver they can cause pain with deep breathing. If near the vagina, there can be pain with intercourse. Yea, had that too! When they involve the intestines, there can be pain with exercising, bowel disturbances, nausea, and mechanical small bowel obstruction after previous surgery. This is the most severe effect of adhesions that I have experienced. I too had my bowel punctured during a surgery which hemorrhaging brings blood products into the operating field. The raw surfaces from the operation plus blood from tissues enhance the formation of adhesions. Pain management is a must when the pain affects your quality of life. Keep a journal that you can write down your symptoms,etc. In my personal experience, when my adhesions had strangled my intestines and I could no longer eat or have a bowel movement, I knew what was coming. I have a wonderful primary care physician who hospitalized me while my husband and son made arrangement for my trip to Scranton. PA. Dr. Redan & Reich gave me back my life, I just pray every day, and I pray for all who are suffering. In Friendship, Sherry

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