Re: Please help finding a Dr. or info on SSI

Mon Jan 21 18:19:38 2002

There is a doctor in the dallas area that is a surgeon. His name is Dr. Steckler. He is a very fine doctor and not one to do surgery just because. Depending on your situation, he will have you see another doctor in Dallas for second opinion, but he is a great surgeon. He did my 3rd surgery. But the pain did not come back as quick as the other surgeries

Good Luck


At Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Heather wrote: >
>I recently moved to Dallas ,Tx., from Louisiana. After 10 years of
>surgeries, treatment, and unknowledgable/unresponsive Drs. I was told
>Dallas is the place to go. Well, here I am and scared to just take a
>shot in the dark (tired of being poked in every hole at each initial
>visit-lol) then to find out, theres nothing they can do. Anyway, hope
>someone can suggest a good doc. Also, I applied for disability 1 year
>ago, was turned down and waiting appeal. Anybody made it yet? If so,
>PLEASE contact me. "Desperatly Seeking Surgeon"

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