Question about what to tell the doctor

From: Robyn (
Thu Jan 17 13:10:45 2002

Hi Everyone, Here's my question/dilema - I went to my gyno last week who performed by last surgery - I was to have a laproscopy due to an enlarge ovary with serveral cysts, but due to all the adhesions and me loosing blood - he had to cut me open and do a laporotomy (right along my c-section scare) - soooo, since that last surgery I've been having major problems with adhesions (tugging and pulling, etc) in my lower left side. I was going to my regular doctor for my vicodin but he's decided to cut me off - so that's why I went back to my gyno last week who basically blew me off and said let me write a note to your primary doctor. Now I don't know where to go. I do currently have some vicodin which my neurologist perscribes for my peripheral neuropathy (another painful condition) but she perscribed only 1-2 per day (I've been taking up to 4 and am almost out). I need to find a different doctor - do I go to another gyno or find another general physican and how do they believe me about the adhesions. I'm scared because I'm almost out of pain meds and don't know what to do. Please help me.

Robyn Duncan

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