To Beverly from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Thu Jan 17 13:06:57 2002

Dear Bev, I'm sorry to not have had the pleasure of speaking or writing to you before. I live in Northern California I was wondering about the American Medical Association. Shoudn't we be trying to get them to help us? Do you know if they list adhesions as a disease? And if they do, do they keep track of statistics?

If they don't, that seems like a good place to start getting attention.

What do you think? I hear that you are almost pain free from your operations with Dr. Reich. I regret to say that I'm in pain, and have a 93 year old mother-in-law, plus a step-son (developmentally disabled with childhood cancer I>Q> 45) and 60 acres of ranch and an award winning Inn, plus a husband who expects the old fashioned version of a wife (Heaven help me) The reason I'm teling you all of this is so you don't immediately expect me to fly back east and start work. I also try to give support to other adhesion sufferers on the board. Someone needs to welcome people. I don't succeed as much as I would like, but I do try.

Anyway, we all appreciate your efforts, and I would like to get involved. Love, Sally Grigg

Would someone see that Bev gets this message. I don't know if she reads the board or not. Thanks.

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