Re: Bilateral Hypogastric Nerve Block Anyone had this done?

Tue Jan 15 08:44:50 2002

Dearest Kayci, My name is Lillian.I live in Louisiana.Your story sounds so much like mine i thought I was reading my own email. Ihad a hypogastric block done in November.They sedated me so i don't know if there was pain.I came out with a sore back and the same pain and never got releif if anything it increased my pain.Because they told me it gets worse before it gets better well it got worse and never got better. Then like you said they gave up on me.So i now have a new pain manangement doc and i think he is planning on doing another type block later. But so far nothing has really worked.Good luck if you proceed with this block.Sorry to hear how bad your pain is. You can email me personally if you wish Lillian

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