experiencing pain after surgery for adhesions

From: Gpeach1@aol.com
Mon Jan 14 08:26:54 2002

I had hysterectomy for fibroids well over a year ago. After about 6 months I began having pelvic and back pain. It took awhile to convince my doctor that there was a problem. Once I was referred to an obgyn, it was found that I had a dilated fallopian tube. The surgeon went in to remove the tube and found that I had a serious case of adhesions. It seems they had wrapped around my bladder. I have been informed that I will probably have to repeat the surgery in a few yrs. In the meantime I am again experiencing some pain. I am having slight pain in my right side and a little more severe pain in my lower right back. The fallopian tube that was removed was on the left side. Also I am experiencing a funny kind of numbness on the right side. Does anyone have any ideas as to this feeling or lack of? Should I complain to my doctor about this or is it normal a few months after surgery for removal of tube and adhesions? I do have to say that following immediately after surgery I felt much, much better and even now the pain is not as bad as it was. Before I could not get through a day without having to sit down for some kind of relief!

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