My prayers are with Karla

From: joanne Thorpe (
Mon Jan 14 08:32:39 2002

I just read Jo's letter to Oprah and I am so touched by the love that is found here at this site. Karla, we are all with you! We all know the horror stories so well and no one out there seems to be interested in our story. I wonder if there is a big hush hush about it as people will not want to have surgeries and the medical institutions might lose money. I can only guess that money is the issue here. I say we all write to Oprah today through her website at Lets flood it with stories. I think she may be our only hope. God bless you, Karla and Jo for opening my eyes to your fight. I thank God that I found Dr. Korell or I would be right there with you.

Lots of love, Joanne

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