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From: Robin (
Mon Jan 14 08:22:00 2002

Dear g All of our stories are on the quilt. My story started with a c-section. I was told I needed a c-section because my baby was breech, and so much larger than my first that was born natural. She weighed about 3 #s more than my first. I wasn't told that adhesion could be a result of this surgery. That was in 1983. Then in the small town that I live in, I was told that I had to have repeat c-sections because I had one. Both of my sisters had c-sections & then had natural child birth. but they both lived in much larger cities than me. My 1st surgery for adhesions was in 1985. My last c-section was in 87. I had a spinal & heard everything that went on in the or. I remember the dr saying that there was a lot of adhesions. 7 years later I had a hysterectomy (1995). I then had surgery for adhesion in 1998 (open abdominal) Lap surgery in 1999, 2 Lap surgeries in Germany in 2000, & lap surgery in 2001. I am still in pain although after every surgery I did have a few months pain free & off all pain meds. I have had every test done to me that there is. I have suffered for many years with pain from adhesions. My husband, is very supportive. He now & has for several years, cooked, cleaned, laundry, shuttled the kids, & makes beds. Everything I used to do. I am still able to go grocery shopping, but my pain seems to be getting worse, so it may not be long until he does that too. He also puts in at least 40 hrs a week & sometimes travels many miles a day. My dr at this time, makes sure that I have enough pain meds. She is very wonderful & supportive of anything I want to try. My advice to you is to learn everything you can about adhesions. Find a supportive dr that will make sure you get enough pain meds. Don't ever give up! Robin

At Mon, 14 Jan 2002, g wrote: >
>hi i am new to the site i happened upon it searching for answers. I
>feel like i have no idea what to do here i've had surgery and feel no
>better if not worse with pains i did not have prior to this. I welcome
>anyone to tell me their story so i know i'm not crazy!!!!!!!
>thank you to anyone who helps me!!!

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