Re: confused

From: Katrina (
Mon Jan 14 08:12:25 2002


I am new to the board too and have found it to be wealth of support and information. The best gift has been to find out that we are not alone. If you have not done so yet I would recommend that you go to the quilt and read some of the stories. It has helped me to see that there are others who know what I am feeling. There is a great support group here! Take care and good luck!

At Mon, 14 Jan 2002, g wrote: >
>hi i am new to the site i happened upon it searching for answers. I
>feel like i have no idea what to do here i've had surgery and feel no
>better if not worse with pains i did not have prior to this. I welcome
>anyone to tell me their story so i know i'm not crazy!!!!!!!
>thank you to anyone who helps me!!!


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