Re: confused

Mon Jan 14 08:12:21 2002

Dearest One, You have stumbled on a wonderful welcoming site. There are many of us here who probably wish this was all in our heads or even a dream we could wake from. Unfortunately it is real the pain from adhesions.Although we try to find a way out and think surgery is the answer it isn't in fact it is just the opposite surgery has only made my pain worse and harder to deal with. Finding a Pain Management doctor who will work for you is about the best there is to offer for now. I have had some bad experiences with that too.I have been to 4 different ones before i found one to work for me. They give you the thrid degree like your some druggie or idiot like its all in your head but its not . We are here for you. You have come to the right place. Go to and search the quilt and you will find many stories and probably one that will match yours. Theres lots of info you can educate yourself with and we will proudly answer any questions we can for you. Loving Kindness Lillian

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