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Sat Jan 12 21:37:34 2002

Couldn.t you take me him to small claims court? I paid a lawyer 1500.00 and was able to get 1200.00 back based on the fact that he took my money and did nothing for me. Dolores in Louisiana

Jean Long wrote:

> Heck, the lawyers in MY area only fight for the doctors!!!!I never
> did get my $1000 over-payment back from that doctor 2 years ago!! I
> even obtained a lawyer who was apparently in good with the doctor and
> did "nothing" for me although he said the doctor did owe me the money
> yet he just kept giving me the run-around!!The doctor was paid
> twice.....once by me and again by the insurance company and the doctor
> was a participating doctor with my insurance therefore has to accept
> what the insurance paid him!! What a joke!!!! When I get letters in
> with my insurance about reporting "fraud" it really irritates me
> because it only means if the insurance company is owed money not
> you!!They refused to help me since "they" got paid and it was now "my"
> responsibility to get my money back. they could have prevented this
> from happening by sending me their check instead of the doctor after
> me telling them I had already paid the doctor but refused to do it
> that way!!!!!!!I should have known when he said "oh, I know that
> doctor" and called him by first name!!After all the lawyer can make
> much more money off of the doctor's fighting lawsuits than us peons
> now can't they??The rich get rich and the poor get
> poorer! JEAN "SMILE............It confuses people!"
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> I'm not sure if this attorney is the one that we want in
> filing a class action suit. Anyone know a famous (very good
> attorney) that specializes in medical mal-practice suits?
> Love,
> Hell-yun

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