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Sun Jan 13 02:59:23 2002

Dolores, Apparently the lawyer knew he was in the wrong. He never sent me a bill so I don't owe him anything in return for him doing nothing.

He just kept saying he was writing letters to the doctor, calling him etc. but never did because I never got my confirmation letters like you normally do for everything the lawyer does. After numerous calls to him telling him I still haven't received my money HE (the lawyer) even said to me "Lets sue the -astard" however he did nothing once again. I wasn't out to sue anyone just get my own money back.

After several months I finally called his office and left a nasty message for him. The message I left was: " I just want to make you aware that I know you have done nothing at all to help me with my case. None of the phone calls were made and no letters were sent or I would have received copies of them which I didn't!! Thanks for nothing! You had better not send me a bill either. It's pretty bad when you can't even trust your own lawyer! Had I known you were apparently friends of the doctor I wouldn't have even contacted you, but you did say I had a case and you would help me get my money back" I never even asked for anything else, just my own money back which I did not owe them in the first place".

I had written and called the doctor's office numerous times getting no where. They asked for a copy of my cancelled check, etc and I gave them everything they wanted but still wouldn't give my money back!!! I think I had waited almost a year before turning it over to a lawyer just to get no-where again!! Since then I called the doctor's office again and was told he is no longer with them and THEY DON'T KNOW WHERE HE IS (yeah-right)!!!!

I have pretty much lost all faith in lawyers and doctors. Every one of them just make a jerk out of me and I never do get help no matter how right I am!! I have had such a run-around the past 2 years it is pathetic!!

Funny thing is I don't even take pain pills and have to just withstand my pain so they sure can't accuse me of being a drug seeker or druggy!! AND it is not because I can't get pain pills from a doctor....... I am the one not taking them, but have been offered pain pills from the pain specialist who wants to help me. It doesn't matter how many things they find wrong with me I still get a run-around!! Everyone is going to help me but no-one ever does. Everyone is going to review my case and promise to call me but no-one ever does! I guess my case is just too complex for them and they don't have time for me!!

I have fought for 2 years now and am tired of fighting a losing battle. I have just resigned to sitting in the house and not having a life since I can't even walk without greatly aggravating my pain. I don't even know which of my multiple problems is causing all this pain after 2 years!! I did fall 2 years ago and that is when this all started with my butt, hip, leg & low back pains, too complex for these modern doctors to solve I guess! Of course I also deal with all the abdominal problems to boot.

All the while I have been dealing with these pains and problems I have still been desperately trying to run my own business and now even that has pretty much gone to "H" due to my medical problems and now the economy to boot!! .........Wonderful life isn't it?? New Moon, can you tell??? That's the one that never agrees with me (LOL)! I am fine with a Full Moon.

Sorry, but I am having a very bad pain day and just got up for awhile to write this. Have had to stay laying more than up today and it really irritates me to live this way!! I have nothing to look forward to in life anymore. I feel like an old lady in a rocking chair just waiting to die some day (at almost 53).


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Couldn.t you take me him to small claims court? I paid a lawyer 1500.00 and was able to get 1200.00 back based on the fact that he took my money and did nothing for me. Dolores in Louisiana

  Jean Long wrote:

Heck, the lawyers in MY area only fight for the doctors!!!!I never did get my $1000 over-payment back from that doctor 2 years ago!! I even obtained a lawyer who was apparently in good with the doctor and did "nothing" for me although he said the doctor did owe me the money yet he just kept giving me the run-around!!The doctor was paid twice.....once by me and again by the insurance company and the doctor was a participating doctor with my insurance therefore has to accept what the insurance paid him!! What a joke!!!! When I get letters in with my insurance about reporting "fraud" it really irritates me because it only means if the insurance company is owed money not you!!They refused to help me since "they" got paid and it was now "my" responsibility to get my money back. they could have prevented this from happening by sending me their check instead of the doctor after me telling them I had already paid the doctor but refused to do it that way!!!!!!!I should have known when he said "oh, I know that doctor" and called him by first name!!After all the lawyer can make much more money off of the doctor's fighting lawsuits than us peons now can't they??The rich get rich and the poor get poorer! JEAN "SMILE............It confuses people!" -----Original Message----- From: []On Behalf Of Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2002 1:17 PM To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Subject: ANYONE KNOW A GREAT ATTORNEY

I'm not sure if this attorney is the one that we want in filing a class action suit. Anyone know a famous (very good attorney) that specializes in medical mal-practice suits? Love,


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