Re: To The Law Firm of Thomas J. Munley, P.C

From: dtouch (
Sat Jan 12 21:15:33 2002

Dear Chrissy: Very well written. I don't think anyone on this site was happy to see things like this and whether we are on oxycontin or something else, we don't need people stirring up more problems for us. It is already hard enough to get enough pain med to be comfortable because we might get addicted and like you say pain meds do not give us any kind of high. I have yet to be high but just because one person takes 10 pills and crushes them up and then inject them is not our fault because they kill themselves. Dolores in Louisiana wrote:

> Dear Thomas J. Munley, Esq.,
> Please read this whole email to see how you can make yourself
> useful...........
> I don't usually get pissed but your email did it and I want to tell
> you why. You made my happy self VERY unhappy! How did you do that?
> You messed with my life, you messed with the only thing that gets me
> up in the morning - oxycontin pills. Do you know what pain is like?
> Let me tell you my pain; first and foremost the pain of not having a
> life. Every day, every minute, I have burning, pulling, tugging,
> knife like pain from my knees all the way up to my breast. Live with
> that 24/7! Now I want you to close your eyes and imagine that in your
> body. Hurts huh? Do you know that you are trying to put a bad taste
> into peoples mouth about the use of oxycontin? As if we don't already
> have a problem with this! The people you are looking for are in alleys
> buying it and trying for an instant HIGH as Helen C said in her email,
> I hope you read it because it made every bit of sense to me. I have
> news for you, people in pain do not ! get a high of these pills
> because it goes directly to our pain and not our heads. Sometimes I
> wish I could feel what that "high" they are talking about. Mr.
> Lawyer, did you know that you are just another person added to the
> list that is trying to take away my and others hope of getting
> somewhat adequate pain medication away? Do you want to have my suicide
> on your hands? Yes, that's how bad the pain is for me. If I can't
> have some relief I would rather be dead. Ok, on a more positive
> side...... Lets see, can we make you useful - YES - why don't you turn
> it around and help US with your time on - "Do you have adhesions and
> the world doesn't know about it? Let us the lawyers make an awareness
> for you as well as major research." Yes, that's it, you can help
> too! So turn your help around and be humane shall you. If you don't
> want to do that and think you can't help us in our world of pain, then
> please drop your re! quest of helping the drug addicts in the ally for
> their "bad" on our helpful pain medication oxycontin. I pray the you
> or any of the people you care about have ARD. Please, if you are not
> going to help us in our fight for awareness, help, funds, research,
> then go away or email me privately. I don't want to upset others on
> the board and how dare you reply to my request on a very helpful
> board. Email me Mr. Munley, stay off the board unless you want to
> help us on the awareness of ARD and the PAIN it causes. I can send
> you numerous information on how you can help us with this long,
> tiring, disease. Educate yourself, help us instead of looking to help
> yourself to the dollar bill. It's a great feeling to help others, try
> it in the positive way and you will like the person who looks back at
> you in the mirror.
> Sincerely,
> Christine A. Damon a.k.a. Chrissie

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